Destiny 2 – New Weapons, New Modes, and an all New Threat

Bungie have revealed new gameplay details of Destiny 2 at their premiere event in Los Angeles, featuring new armor, exotics, and all new cinematic worlds to explore.

The second instalment will plant players during the heat of the attack on the Guardian’s home-world, fighting through swarms of The Vex that leads to the worlds inevitable destruction. A higher entity and Red Legion representative Dominous Ghaul wishes to reclaim The Guardians powers, for what he believes as for ‘a better purpose’, although this purpose is not yet known. Game Director Luke Smith has described the campaign of one that “opens with loss, and returns with recovery”.

Destiny 2 will feature new additions to multiplayer mode, with the inclusion of fan-favourite modes from the first instalment such as Strikes, that promise new public events and raids, and for the first time, The Crucible will now feature a 4 vs 4 mode. Notable new additions to co-operative play include Countdown, described as an all new attack/defend mode for multiplayer advocates.

A new community feature is the Introduction of clans, allowing players to customise their own team banners as well as an all new motivational reward system for your team upon completing co-operative missions. Familiar classes make a return to the campaign, including Titan, Warlock and Hunter, as well as all new Supers that offer more flexibility to combat, such as the Dawnblade that launches fiery projectiles at enemies, or the Sentinel, an expert in throwing a retractable shield at enemies with blowing force.

For the first time, Destiny 2 will also be available for PC players exclusive to, and promises to be a welcome return to Destiny veterans as well as an easy convergence for players new to the franchise.

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Written by: Gabriella Petty

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