PS4 Games I’m Excited For Post E3

Sony had a great showing this year at E3. They didn’t come out with a ton of new games but they did give us more on the games that are coming soon. Here are a few games that I saw that have me excited for the rest of the year and into 2018.

The Evil Within 2- October 13, 2017

I had actually forgotten about a sequel coming for this! I really enjoyed the first one even though it had some issues. The combat and horror was great but the pacing was off and the story didn’t pan out great. The trailer for the sequel looks like they are keeping the confusing and messed up method of storytelling. The game takes place a while after the first one and you do still play as Sebastian Castellanos and I’m glad cause I felt his story wasn’t finished after the first one. As long as the horror is there and the tight gameplay is back then I’m all in with another one. I also love that it’s coming out on Friday the 13th!

Destiny 2 – September 6, 2017

I’ve put so much time into Destiny over the past three years and I’m beyond ready for a new game. Bungie never came out and said it was delayed but I think most people know that it was supposed to come out last year. We’re getting new guns, sub classes, and hopefully the story content is more vast than in the original. With The Taken King and Rise of Iron they seemed to get things more in order as far as story stuff goes. All the multiplayer modes will be 4 v 4 which basically changes every game mode in the game and they’re getting rid of the Rumble game mode because of it. PS4 players are also getting exclusive content just like in the first one, which I have a major problem with but that’s for another post. It was confirmed that it will run in 4K on the PS4 Pro and that’s exciting!

Uncharted:The Lost Legacy – August 22, 2017

I loved Uncharted 4 and I’m glad that we are getting a stand alone game so we can learn more about characters other than Drake. You play as Chloe and Nadine and I thought Nadine was one of the best characters in Uncharted 4 so I’m looking forward to seeing more of her. The new trailer basically looks like more Uncharted and I’m so ok with that! This does take place after what happened in Uncharted 4 so you may want to play though that before this comes out in August.

Spider-Man – 2018

I’m a big comic book person and Spider-Man is my favorite character outside of Batman. The footage they showed at E3 was kind of unreal! I don’t get fooled by cutscenes going into gameplay much now but when I saw that the game actual looked that good I was kind of taken back. The combat is very much Batman Arkham style and it looked so cool and smooth. And honestly just seeing the open world New York and knowing that I can swing around it made me want this game even more. I was let down that it’s not coming out till next year but I’m cool waiting so they can make the best game possible! I want a special edition Spider-Man controller too but that’s probably wishful thinking.

Days Gone – 2018

I thought this game looked cool at last years E3 thinking it was just a cool looking zombie game with an engine that could have a ton of zombies on screen at once. This year it had a serious The Last of Us vibe and it looked awesome! I liked how you can use the zombies to lure them and attack other people and that zombie bear! And it looks gorgeous and I’m confident that it will look amazing in 4K HDR. I hope that the story ends up being interesting and isn’t just hordes of zombies tied around a loose story that doesn’t pan out.

Anthem – 2018

This legitimately blew me away! I love BioWare and I expect excellence out of them with every game they put out. I liked Mass Effect:Andromeda but it wasn’t amazing. This looks like them getting back to form and bringing us something new and possible start a franchise. It looks like a looter-shooter like Destiny with co-op and once the fight was over she got a new gun. They also brought in two other players on the fly which was cool. It looks gorgeous and the look has a very Avatar look to it with the creatures they were fighting and a huge lush jungle. I do wonder how well it will run with the graphics being that intense but we’ll see.

Those were some of the games that impressed me the most from PlayStation this E3. What are some of yours? Let us know in the comments!

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