Why PlayStation Now Needs to Change

Xbox Live Gold members just got a chance to sign up for Xbox Game Pass ahead of the launch on June 1. Xbox Game Pass is a monthly service that is going to have over 100 games to download and play. It’s $10 a month once June 1 comes around and you can download and play as many games as you want. There’s no streaming like PLayStation Now so you don’t have to worry about the game running like garbage if your internet is a little slow. The game selection for the game pass isn’t vast by any means right now but there are some good games there Like Halo 5, Mad Max, Borderlands and all the BioShock games.

Now I get that PlayStation Now is a streaming service but I really don’t think we’re there yet with games. I have a good internet connection and I tested out PS Now and it ran horribly! I tried Assassin’s Creed 2 and it stuttered all over the place and was interrupted several times. Plus PS Now costs $20 a month! That’s way too much to pay a month. Netflix with the added 4K support only costs $11. I will give PS Now credit with the large selection of games they have, but it’s still only PS3 games on the list. For $20 a month they at least need some PS4 games there. I’m not even sure it’s possible to stream PS4 games and that’s why I really think PlayStation needs to think about changing this.

If the Xbox Game Pass takes off and they start adding big name games every month and they keep the price only $10, then that’s a major one up Xbox will have over PlayStation. I get that these things are different in a way, but paying less and actually being able to download the games to play seems like a much better option to me. I just hope that they realize that and consider doing something similar since they already have PS Now in play. All they need to do is alter how it works. Which I’m sure is easier said than done.

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Written by: Brad Campbell

I'm Brad and I live in Alabama! I've been playing games most of my life. My favorite series are Metal Gear Solid and Kingdom Hearts! I also like pizza...a lot!

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