INJUSTICE 2 REVIEW- Buy , Rent or Don’t buy ?

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INJUSTICE 2 REVIEW- Buy , Rent or Don’t buy ?

Well INJUSTICE is back with a bang and this time NetherRealm Studios have definitely brought their A-game to the table. While Injustice: Gods Among Us gave us world which was torn apart by a conflict involving two of the comic’s greatest superheroes till date. Injustice 2 is a dense, deep and refined compared to its predecessor but is also easily accessible to newcomers and the addition of gears is something to look forward for.
injustice-2-screenshotsInjustice 2 picks up five years after Superman’s fall in the first game . Now Batman and friends are attempting to put the world back together after defeating and imprisoning an evil Superman. Naturally, things don’t stay peaceful for long as Gorilla Grodd and his band of villains are looking to establish a new world order in Superman’s absence, not long before DC big bad Brainiac shows up to do big bad things — to destroy the planet

There is also Supergirl’s introduction in the opening moments of Injustice 2‘s story mode which  also serves as the introduction of Brainiac, the green-skinned, space-faring super-villain with a fondness of collecting cities and destroying planets in the process. With her world about to be destroyed, Kara’s mother sends her off in a rocket of similar design to the one carrying her infant cousin Kal-El. Kara is to be his protector, as long as she doesn’t get knocked off course and forced into cryosleep for several decades. ooops.

This is easily NetherRealm’s best story mode yet, topping Mortal Kombat X‘s excellent campaign and knocking down anything DC has put in theaters lately(fingers crossed for Wonder Woman). Throughout my time of playing 5-6 hours story mode, I was just shocked that the studios managed to stuff such great DC movie into its fighting game. There were moments that made me pump my fist, cover my mouth in shock, and simply smile as I watched a bunch of epic battle scenes play out.


I have always liked my time with the first injustice but this time the studios have definitely up their game. It’s the little polish like when you chose who you want to fight in as the game loads, you have this slow motion battles between characters and some of them have in jokes that plays out physically if there is a story b/w those characters in the comics somewhere. Characters have a far higher level of detail as compared to its predecessor and the same goes for the arenas. The light and shadow details are remarkable.

Now at 60 frames per second, the ps4 console seem to have no trouble hitting that target almost all the time but the ps4 pro has a  slightly higher resolution which looks to be around 1440 P and a couple of additional effects here & there to make it just a smoother looking overall package but let me make it clear that none of the versions are a slouch or anything


Injustice 2‘s new gear system adds an addicting layer of progression and personalization to the game. Whether you’re playing through story mode or battling your friends online, you’ll be earning gear & can use it to customize your favorite hero or villain with new looks and abilities.


However, the gear system is the most addicting aspect of Injustice 2 as it adds replayability, on the other hand it can also be the most frustrating if you’re not patient..

Multiverse Mode

Injustice 2 introduces us to new Multiverse mode, which lets you take on a rotating set of challenges based in alternate Earths that each have their own rules and rewards. On some Earths, I was able to call in Green Arrow or Robin for a quick assist — on others, I was dodging environmental hazards while trying to beat down my enemy.


Injustice For All

NetherRealm has always done a remarkable job making fighting games that are also simply great video games, and Injustice 2 feels like the ultimate result of that. Injustice 2 is just a fantastic fighting game, one that you can enjoy casually with your friends or spend months mastering in hopes of joining the competitive ranks. It’s the rare game in the genre that truly anyone can enjoy, and as long as the online play holds up post-launch, it’s one that you’d be wise not to miss out on



With its immersive story mode, deep gear system and tight combat, Injustice 2 is a worthy successor to the original in almost every way &  definitely a must buy.

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The Good

  • Impressive story mode cinematic
  • Large variety of characters and gear sets inspire replayability
  • Ever-changing Multiverse offers new challenges and rewards
  • Well captured details for both characters as well as arenas
  • Microtransactions are not "Pay to Win"

The Bad

  • Complicated Microtransaction System

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