Ghost Recon:Wildlands – Narco Road Review

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Ghost Recon:Wildlands – Narco Road Review

I absolutely loved the base game of Wildlands and I was looking forward to the first piece of DLC. I didn’t have the season pass at the time so I didn’t get it a week early like season pass holders did. I waited until I could get the season pass to play this instead of getting it stand alone for $15. I got the season pass and finished this in about two days. I honestly don’t think this was a good decision for the first piece of DLC.

The story takes place after the main story and the Santa Blanca Cartel is without a leader and a good chunk of the cartel have left and formed their own group called Los Sin Alma. The Los Sin Alma is the main enemies you’ll be fighting in the DLC along with the Unidad. You are a CIA agent that goes undercover in what remains of Santa Blanca to find and eliminate a man called El Invisible. Before you can get to him though you have to go through three guys under him and deal with their organizations. Each character is interesting and equally crazy. Eddie Escovado is the leader of Los Kamikazes and is a rich playboy who’s obsessed with social media and crazy stunts, Arturo Rey is the leader of The Death Riders and is deep into religion and Tonio Mateos is the leader of Los Jinetes Locos and is a wanna-be rapper who’s obsessed with racing.

So the gameplay is where this DLC gets interesting. You have to start a new character, so the character you made and leveled up during the main game isn’t used here at all. And all of the guns you unlocked aren’t here. You do start at level 20 and go from there but such an odd move to do that. The main thing you’ll be doing is driving monster trucks, fast sports cars and planes to get you around. Most of the story missions and side missions require you do be in one of these to complete them. I will give them credit because they put nos in almost every vehicle and they go very fast. The problem is that the driving controls are the same if not a tad worse than the base game. I felt like I was driving on ice most of the time and didn’t feel like I was fully in control, especially with some of the flying missions. The big difference with this DLC and the main game is the new function of gaining followers. It feels like the followers system from Watch Dogs 2. You do main missions to get most of the followers you’ll need but you’ll have to do some side missions to unlock the final missions for each boss. The side missions are all different from the main game. You only have four of them and they all require you to get in a vehicle to start, just like most main missions…seeing the trend? You’ll be tagging crates with wild animals, crop dusting coca fields, delivering drug vans and finding lost cars. The crop dusting missions are different and fun but the others are just rehashes except the lost cars. You get a pic and location close to where the car is but you have to use the pic to actually find it. I only did one of those cause I thought they were frustrating.

I feel I can go into spoilers a bit here since this has been out a little while. A big problem I had was that you don’t actually kill any of the leaders yourself, it’s all done in cutscenes. That totally takes away what the main game was about with choosing how to take guys out. Granted the cutscenes are pretty cool but still, very lame! And you do find out who El Invisible is and it’s predicable and lame as well. The ending cutscene could lead to something interesting if they keep what happens in mind for future DLCs or a sequel.

This DLC just feels weird and I’m not sure why they chose to go this way with it. I’m all for driving around in stupid bright colored cars and messing around a big open world but this just seems forced. I will say that the Death Riders bikes back tires look like they’re on fire when you use nos and that’s cool cause it looks like you’re Ghost Rider! I played solo, you can play with co-op just like the main game, but if you play solo your AI teammates aren’t there. So you can’t be revived or do sync shots at all and thats a bummer. It makes sense for the story why you’d be alone but still.

If you have the season pass then you’ve probably already checked this out but if you don’t and you were thinking about buying it stand alone, I’d probably hold off. The second expansion, Fallen Ghosts, drops on May 30 for season pass people and a week later for everyone else. So I’m hoping that gets back to being more like the base game cause Narco Road feels kind of like pre-order DLC missions that were just jammed into the game and you can totally just skip them. And that sucks cause I got the Platinum Trophy for Wildlands and was supremely let down with this DLC.

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The Good

  • New Characters
  • Followers System

The Bad

  • Too Vehicle Focused
  • Bad Driving
  • No AI Teammates
  • Lame Boss Fights
  • Feels Forced

Written by: Brad Campbell

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