Ghost Recon:Wildlands – Fallen Ghosts Review

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Ghost Recon:Wildlands – Fallen Ghosts Review

I think everyone was pretty let down with the last DLC, Narco Road , and most of us were hoping Fallen Ghosts would have the feel of the base game. Cause Road went the goofy route with monster trucks and cartoonish bosses and it felt like forced DLC to me. Well I’m very happy that Fallen Ghosts gets back to how the base game felt and it actually makes improvements with more interesting enemies and new weapons.

The setup is that you and your team are headed back to Bolivia to deal with a new rising threat but your chopper gets shot down before you reach your destination. The new threat is a group called Los Extranjeros and they are former Unidad who formed after the CIA leaks that happened at the end of Narco Road . It was nice to see them pick up right after Narco Road cause I thought the ending was the strongest part of that DLC. So you and your team meet up with an informant, Socrates, and with his help you take down three bosses to get to the leader of Los Extranjeros. The environments are three isolated areas from the main game. They are all lush jungle environments and I liked that case it felt like the right setting for these new enemies. It is basically the same kind of gameplay that was in the base game but honestly that’s what I wanted. The story isn’t really the strong point here but the gameplay and enemy variety make this stand out. You get your AI team mates back for this and I’m so glad!

There are four new enemies here: Armored, Covert Ops, Elite Snipers, and Jammers. The Armored soldiers are heavily armored and the only way to take them out is to shoot them in the head or get in close with your knife, Cover Ops have cloaks and can only be seen when you use thermal vision, Elite Snipers have much longer range than normal snipers and can kill you in one shot, and Jammers can jam your radar and drone. Having this kind of enemy variety made this DLC kind of hard for me but I loved that cause I had to be more tactical and think before going into a base. There were so many times that I would take out the snipers and point out the Armored guys only to forget to use thermal and be killed by a Covert Ops guy! The crossbow is a new weapon here and it’s pretty cool since it can hold 60 arrows, so you can literally take out an entire base with one if you want. The grenade arrows really make the crossbow fun though. There’s a trophy to take down a chopper with one and it’s so satisfying to do that! It works a lot like the grenade launcher attachment with guns. You also get a new melee kill animation with a knife and it reminded me of the kills in the later Halo games, it looks so cool! The new level cap is 35 and they added new skill tree perks. My favorite is one that allows guys to show up on the radar when they shot at you!

There are all new side missions with Fallen Ghosts and they are pretty different than the ones you’ve done before. Headhunter has you getting a few pictures and you have to find and kill an undercover agent in an area, Tower Cast works like the radio missions in the main game in that you broadcast a signal and have to defend it but it’s way more hectic, Save the Rebel VIP has you breaching a building and saving a rebel while fighting off Unidad pouring in, and Sabotage has you hacking four laptops and if you get caught you have a time limit to finish. I found them all fun and they added a final mission with each side mission. If you do all the side missions of that type you unlock the final one and you get a unique gun so they’re worth doing and it’s a nice twist on side missions.

The boss battles are the strongest they’ve been! You fight every boss in a unique way and that was nice after we got cutscene boss fights in Narco Road . You don’t have the option to fight/kill them any way you want but the fights are so different that I was good with that. They felt like strong leaders instead of just being another dude like some of them were in the main game.

All in all I enjoyed this DLC just as much as the main game. The driving is still not great in this game but that’s to be expected at this point I guess. There are a few negatives I have to point out. You have to create a new character in this just like in Narco Road and I don’t understand why. Cause all of the skills tree is full and having your character from the main game would’ve made sense as to why that is but that’s ultimately not a big deal. And the ending is kind of lame cause it just ends. They also ditched the intro videos to the bosses and that was one of my favorite things about the base game. You do get one for the leader but that’s it. If you don’t have the season pass I definitely recommend picking this up for $15 on June 6 if you enjoyed the base game, cause it’s just more of that and that’s a good thing to me!

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The Good

  • Boss Fights
  • AI Teammates Are Back
  • New Enemies
  • Feels Like the Base Game

The Bad

  • No Intro Videos
  • Ending

Written by: Brad Campbell

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